GROOVE and World Jazz !

ENIVRANCE is original instrumental and vocal music written by Angèle Tremsal, French saxophone player and composer living in Berlin.

Enivrance started to play live concerts in summer 2020 as a sextet in Berlin.

Now ENIVRANCE became a standard JAZZ QUARTET with Double Bass, Piano, Drums and Saxophones / Voice playing songs from the album Inner Noise and some new tunes.

So here they are with this new formula and some new songs: “The journey becomes even more exciting planning a second album and we are looking forward to play more concerts all over Europe, and hopefully also in beautiful Jazz festivals and international venues.”

 “We are happy and grateful to spread our spontaneous joyful and playful energy with many beautiful audiences out there! Thanks! ” 


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Compositions, arrangements: Angèle Tremsal

Saxophones, voice: Angèle Tremsal

DRUMS:  Ria Rother 

BASS: Dany Sorek

PIANO:  Aron  Symank

in QUINTET with special guest: TRUMPET, Trombone:   Kelly O'Donohue