Pink Assets -NEW SINGLE  will be out 1st December 2022.

Pink Assets New Single CHANGE out on 1. November 2022 !

CHANGE is a song about the feeling that you have when you got to the point of connecting to your authentic nature. Sometimes we believe we have to change to get better, but it's only about letting go what we don't need anymore. CHANGE is sang by Angèle Tremsal, the composer and producer of PINK ASSETS herself. With 49 years she is starting to put herself out there as a singer aswell. 

MUSIC is played by the same wonderful crew of berlin musicians as the other singles. 

Second Single: IMPOSSIBLE 

Angèle heard Majá singing in a concert in Berlins Club Donau 115. She was feeling related to that voice and inspired. Majá made her think of Gretchen Parlato but with more engagement in the voice.

"As i started this project she came immediatly to my mind" ...

First Single : ANOTHER STORY

Angèle met  Sara in Berlin at a Jam Session, since then they shared live music and recordings. Angèle asked Sara if she would like to play one of her songs. Sara liked it and add some parts on “Another Story”.

to listen this single or watch the video click on the linktree and find your favorite media:   

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